Donation of Artifacts to our Collections

Thank you for considering donating artifacts to the Wauwatosa Historical Society. Our collections depict the rich history of Wauwatosa, spanning from its earliest days to the present. We have a particular interest in preserving family histories, historic photographs, blueprints or abstracts of titles from local homes, and records from businesses that have closed or are closing.

Our Collections Policy: Collection materials are used for research purposes, exhibits, and educational programming. We meticulously catalog and store items in line with recognized museum practices, based on the resources available to us.

To initiate the donation process, kindly complete and submit the provided form, providing details about the item(s) you wish to contribute. A member of our dedicated research and collections team will review your submission. Please note that all potential donations are subject to review.

Thank you once again for your interest in contributing to the preservation of Wauwatosa’s history.