A Timeless Victorian Nestled in the Heart of the Village

The Queen Anne house, built in 1890, holds significant historical value as it is the largest remaining residential lot in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. In 1987, the Wauwatosa Historical Society purchased the property, including the buildings and grounds, from the estate of Constance Walker. This acquisition secured the preservation of the house and its historical significance. The property is recognized as a designated landmark of both Wauwatosa and Milwaukee County, and it is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Currently, the Kneeland Walker House serves as the location for the Wauwatosa Historical Society. It has transitioned from being a residence for two families to becoming a center for various community activities and events. The house’s versatile space is utilized for educational programs, speaking events, weddings, baby and bridal showers, community gatherings, and more! The historical setting of this Queen Anne house adds a unique and charming atmosphere to these occasions, making them even more memorable.

The Wauwatosa Historical Society has transformed the Kneeland Walker House into a vibrant hub for preserving local history, engaging the community, and fostering a sense of cultural heritage. The house’s rich historical significance and its ongoing role in community events make it a valuable asset for Wauwatosa and a cherished landmark for residents and visitors alike.

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