Kneeland-Walker House Facility Use Guidelines

Thank you for considering our historic Kneeland-Walker House as the perfect venue for your upcoming event or gathering. Below are the guidelines for the use of our facility.


Parking for guests is available on surrounding streets. City parking restrictions are strictly enforced. Please note that the Kneeland-Walker House is NOT wheelchair accessible.


Live and recorded music is allowed, pending approval by the Executive Director. The Kneeland-Walker House is in a residential district; therefore, music must be appropriate and kept at a tolerable level.


Premises will be available for use at 9 am. Indoor and outdoor rentals must conclude by 11 pm.

Same-day set up and take down of an event is required, unless prior arrangements are made with the Executive Director. Rental company deliveries must also be pre-arranged with the Executive Director. The Wauwatosa Historical Society is not responsible for items left overnight. All truck or van deliveries are to be made from the driveway south of the porte-cochere or from the side drive off 74th Street.


Outdoor events require rental and set up of tables and chairs by the lessee. Indoor event set up will be completed by the K-W House staff, using tables and chairs supplied by WHS. Permanent furnishings of the Society may be rearranged but must not be removed from the first floor. Use of nails, screws, tape, wire, or any other device which could damage the Kneeland-Walker House is not allowed.


Staked tents require specific instructions about installation. Companies providing tents for the lessee must provide proof of insurance. The lessee assumes liability for damage to the Kneeland-Walker property by the tent company if the company hired by the lessee does not hold adequate insurance.


The lessee assumes liability for damage to the Kneeland-Walker property and exhibits by the lessee, guests, or by the lessee’s contractors, if there are musicians, florists, etc., who are hired by the lessee. Such services shall provide the lessee with a certificate of insurance, copies of which shall be given by the lessee to the Executive Director. In addition, the lessee agrees to hold the Wauwatosa Historical Society and the Kneeland-Walker House harmless for any liability to third parties resulting from the negligent actions or omissions of the lessee in the course of the event described herein.

Deposit and Fee Payment

The contract must be signed and returned to the address above, along with payment in full and a security deposit, in order to schedule the date and time requested. The security deposit will be refunded after your event, should no damage to the property or breach of contract occur. A 100% refund of money paid will be issued for cancellations more than eight weeks prior to the scheduled date. A 75% refund will be issued if cancellation occurs within three to eight weeks prior to the event. No refund will be issued if cancellation occurs fewer than three weeks prior to the event.

Smoking and Firearms Prohibited

All areas, including Kneeland-Walker House, Coach House, shed, porches and 1.5-acre grounds are smoke-free. This includes vaping. Candles are also not permitted. Firearms are not allowed on the premises.


Minors must be supervised by a designated adult from the lessee’s party, both in terms of enforcing the laws of the state of Wisconsin, and to ensure that behavior is respectful toward the facility. Minors and supervisors not complying with this policy will be asked to leave. It is the responsibility of the lessee to enforce this policy and action.


Pets must be leashed and supervised at all times while on the property. Pet waste must be properly disposed of. Pets are not allowed inside the Kneeland-Walker House.

Food and Drink

Alcohol is permitted however, red wine is strictly prohibited inside the Kneeland-Walker House. The kitchen is available for caterer use, but cooking on the premises is not allowed. The refrigerator and microwave are available for use. All food, drinks, linen, tableware, and trash bags are to be supplied by the lessee or their contracted personnel. All garbage is to be removed from the premise.

Use of Caterer

Caterers must be approved by the Executive Director. Please instruct the caterer to contact the Executive Director at least three weeks prior to the event for proof of insurance, signing the agreement, and final arrangements. If a caterer is not used, the above becomes the responsibility of the lessee.

The Wauwatosa Historical Society reserves the right to waive or modify the stated policies.

All rentals must be accompanied by a signed agreement to adhere to these guidelines.

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