Wauwatosa’s Living Memories: Oral History Exploration

Oral histories can often uncover information that is not available in other historical forms. Volunteers record interviews with Wauwatosa residents who share their stories of social and cultural events, developments in business and government, and other memories to understand day-to-day life in the past.

Only a part of the recordings in the oral history collection are online. We have selected a few of the most popular recordings in our library. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the oral histories in the collection.

Oral History Project

Bill Yost’s Oral History

Listen to Bill Yost’s recollections of living across the street from the Walkers.

Joe Cieminski’s Oral History

Joe Cieminski recounts his experience of living in the orphanage at County Grounds in the 1940s.

Grant David’s Oral History

Growing up in the old Hillcrest neighborhood and enjoying the Walker family, horses, and grounds

lois thurwatcher’s Oral History

A descendant of Jonathan and Livinia Warren who settled in Wauwatosa in 1838. She tells stories of the generations since then living in Wauwatosa.

The Wauwatosa Historical Society recently sat down with Tosa Talks. Tosa Talks is a podcast that discusses the city, culture, cuisine, places, and people of Wauwatosa. Listen to Tosa Talks here.