Browse the beautiful work of our 2023 Firefly Artists

Laura Easey Jones – Acrylic/Oil

Multi-media painter, sculptor, and muralist.

Pat Kroth – Fiber

“Happy accidents occur during the making of art, to convey and share a childlike sense of discovery, wonder and joy.”

Stan Pipenburg – Pen/Ink

“Ink drawings that capture the contours and contrast of our world, the feeling of spaciousness and serenity while illustrating a simplicity that many of us take for granted.​”

Jennifer Alexander – Ceramic

“Drawn to the depth of color and richness found in stained glass artwork … enjoy the organic, sweeping lines that flow through art nouveau.”

Tammy Easton – Sculpture

Mosaics for home and garden using glass in various techniques.

Christine Happel – Jewelry

“Beauty is all around us, even in the most unlikely of objects.”

Deb Radke – Sculpture

Expressive copper art for home and garden.

Jon Reddin – Photography

Nature and landscape photography.\

Jennifer Froh – Jewelry

Both elegant and minimalist…she enjoys exploring floral language, architecture, geometry, and movement in her work.

Scott Obernberger – Ceramic

“From the Earth and our hands to yours…dishes, vases, lamps, and art which speak to your heart and make you feel at home.”

Jeanne Bril – Acrylic and Paper

Visual artist, currently working in pastel and acrylic with focus on rural & urban landscapes.

Sarah Jane Kueny – Oil

“Classically trained at the Florence Academy of Art, ad a traditional approach to drawing and painting.

Jennifer Tally – Fiber

“Celebrate living out loud and in color.”

Vicki Strobel – Acrylic

Colorful acrylic paintings, inspired by nature.

Annette Renee Wimmer – Pen and Ink

Themes from fantasy to aquatic…her passion lies with the control and detail she obtains with her pencils.

Diane Gonzalez – Jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry and Gifts.

Ann Mory Wydeven – Sculpture

Interior and exterior mosaic installations and garden ornamentation.

Brad Krause – Oil, Pen, and Ink

Fantasy illustration.

Anna Onosko – Jewelry

Inspired by nature scenes, the particular shades of color the leaves turn during Midwest Falls, turquoise gemstones, tropical plants, uniquely colored flowers, and terracotta pots.

John Bowers – Ceramic

Ceramics fired at high temperature, utilizing fly ash created from the burning wood to produce the glaze.

Marlene Ilecki – Jewelry

One of a kind pendants featuring natural stones and sterling.

Linda Franzblau – Jewelry

“Traditional jewelry-making materials and techniques, incorporating upcycled, acrylic materials and printmaking processes to create her work.”

Theresa Brunson – Fiber

“An earthy, textural, organic and modern expression of wearable arts.”

Joe Massanisso – Printmaking

Hand-pulled screen printed posters.

Bob Smerchek – Sculpture

Handcrafted copper hoop garden sprinkler patterns mesmerize while watering.

Meghan Sheahan – Jewelry

“Combining metal techniques with organic materials, including wood, bone, precious and semi-precious stones, and vintage items to craft bold wearable pieces.

Chrystal Christensen – Paper, Pen, and Ink

“A world of color is one filled with joy.”

David Blunt – Wood

Live edge wood work for inside and out..

Angela Spencer – Jewelry

Beaded jewelry.

Jody Garrison – Paper

“Repurpose books into second lives as journals.”

Asma Wahed – Acrylic/Watercolor

Colorful, inspirational, and heartfelt.

Kristin Robran – Ceramic

Handmade studio pottery.

Tom Smith – Oil

“Gestural brush strokes and unique color palette render quiet moments outdoors with emotion writ in oil paint.”

Julie Raasch – Jewelry

“Nature Inspired, organic, uniquely Individual.”

Stacey Stewartson – Jewelry

“An always-evolving exploration of color, texture and pattern using salvaged leather to create abstract, mosaic-like compositions.”

Joanna Morris – Fiber

“Crochet cuties, kids aprons, and other home made goods.”doors with emotion writ in oil paint.”

Leah Cashaw – Jewelry

“A fun and thankful journey…” lightweight wood, acrylic paint, newspaper and/or book-pages.

Terri Sgarlata-Lutz – Photography

Taking you to another time and place…

Stephanie Olson – Fiber

Wearable art with style.

Kristen Janzer – Jewelry

“When I create and sell a piece of jewelry to someone that feels it is special, it inspires me. Creating wearable art, feeds the soul and fuels creativity.”

Beki Borman – Acrylic

“For me the landscape is the most accessible subject of the natural world.”

Karen Murphy – Jewelry

Creative jewelry, painted on metal, fabric and leather.

Thomas Pscheid – Photography

Botanical, landscape, and architectural photography, with unique digital enhancements.

Kathleen Goudie – Jewelry

Finely beaded jewelry.

Soltice Designs

Bonnie Hudock – Fiber

Handmade children’s books.  Children will love to get their hands on these.

Maggie Walker-Metts – Jewelry

Handmade jewelry to assist you in showing off your individual style and beauty.

Kathleen Leahy Pulz – Acrylic/Oil

“Painting is how I pay attention and deliver to myself moments that can seem extraordinary in their simplicity.  My goal is to explore my truths — in nature, in life, and in art.”  

Scott Boyd – Jewelry

Beautifully crafted enameled metal jewelry.

Nancy E Rollag – Fiber

Silk ribbon embroidery, reminiscent of days gone by.

Mark Zanowski – Acrylic

“Experimenting in acrylics on canvas, add a splash of color…bright, intense, bold colors.”

Rose Halik – Fiber

Original textile works designed for fun and function.

Neil Stickel – Photography

“I have always used the camera to help me not only understand the world around me, but to better understand myself and what I am trying to do with my time on this spinning little marble called Earth.”

Rebekah Nicholas – Watercolor/Ceramic

nspired by nature’s small vignettes, like moss and pebbles by a tree stump.

Lynne Oehlke – Jewelry

“Enthralled by the wonders of nature’s creations, the chemistry of metals and the challenges of creating designs.”

Don Widmer – Paper

“Papermaking that utilizes detailed pulp painting with numerous layers of stenciled pulp.”

Michelle Holley – Sculpture

Yard art and signs.

Firefly Art Fair 2023 Ziegler

Peggy Ziegler – Acrylic

“Combining the pure intensity of pastels layered with the rich textures of handmade papers.  The forms begin with a memory, an experience or just an intention and evolve into a blending of geometric and organic shapes.”

Jan Raven – Jewelry

Woven and braided wires of silver, gold and gemstones in classic techniques.

Natalie McNall  – Jewelry

Uniquely handcrafted wearable art.

Maria D Romero Parks – Ceramic

Ellen Albertson – Wood

“Creating with her hands to make functional and unique things for her own home shines through in all her work.”

Paul Kaminsky – Wood

Willow trellises and rustic furniture.

Abbie Hausman – Paper

“Creating useful beautiful things.”

Dawn Buss – Jewelry

“One-of-a-kind designs, carefully wrought in a clean, uncluttered style.”