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Fall 2016 Dates:
Oct. 3 - Oct. 27

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The Wauwatosa Historical Society offers a 2½-hour turn-of-the-century school day experience for all second grade students who attend both public and private schools in Wauwatosa. The recreated 19th-Century Schoolhouse operates in spring and fall.

The second floor of the Coach House has been transformed into a replica of a one-room schoolhouse, complete with old-fashioned wood and iron desks, slate chalk boards, a pot-bellied stove, and McGuffy readers.

The standard 2½-hour program includes:

  • A slideshow depicting early Wauwatosa buildings, people, and events
  • A brief tour of the historic Kneeland-Walker House
  • A reading lession (students stand to read and recite)
  • An arithmetic lession (including mental figuring and work on slates)
  • A geography and civics lession (the number of states in the Union, changes to the Pedge of Allegiance)
  • Various games and activities that were popular at the turn of the century
  • Question and answer time for artifacts and equipment in the classroom
  • A workbook for each student to use during the program and then take home

Availability & Cost

Our program is FREE for all second-grade classes in Wauwatosa, both public and private.

Other groups can participate in the program at a cost of $3 per student. We accept bookings from school districts outside of Wauwatosa and from nonprofit or private organizations, such as scouting troops.

Minimum requirement: 15 students
Maximum: 28 students


Schoolhouse programs are offered twice a year in the spring (April and May) and fall (September and October). Specific dates for each season will be established about two months before the first day of the program.

All programs are in the morning only: 9am to 11:30am.

Because we rely on volunteer availability, it is difficult to reschedule once we have confirmed your request.

Additional Reminders

Accessibility: The Schoolhouse is on the second floor of the Coach House on the Kneeland-Walker grounds, accessible by stairs only.
Students sit in rows of wooden school desks.

Dress Up: Visiting students are encouraged to wear old-fashioned garb (bonnets, aprons, suspenders) to get into the spirit of the turn-of-the-century schoolhouse experience.

Nametags: Please assist our volunteer teachers by having each student wear a nametag with his or her first name.

Restroom: There is no restroom in the Coach House, and the facilities in the Kneeland-Walker House are limited. Please try to restrict use of the K-W facilities to emergencies.

Behavior: We appreciate your efforts to maintain appropriate student behavior so that the program is enjoyable for every student and volunteer.


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