Firefly Artist: Scott Obernberger


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Website: Twice Baked Pottery
Type of Artist: Ceramicist
# of Years at the Firefly Art Fair: Many!

Q: How did you become an artist?

A: About 10 years ago I took a pottery class and was hooked. My day job was taking its toll (criminal defense attorney for 18 years) and, 3½ years ago, I quit practicing law and became a full-time potter. While my previous career taught me many useful skills, I have not once regretted changing careers and focusing on creating beautiful things.

Q: What do people like most about your art?

A: People love the variety of things I make, the many colors, and the functionality of most of my pieces. I focus on making fun, functional pieces for everyday use.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Firefly Art Fair?

A: Firefly Art Fair is always a great event – the volunteers, the setting, and the happy customers make Firefly one of my favorite shows every year!