Firefly Artist: Amy Austin


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Website: Amy Austin Artwork
Type of Artist: Acrylic Painter
# of Years at the Firefly Art Fair: First year at the Firefly

Q: How did you become an artist?

A: From a young age, I had a love and ability for creating art. I received a Fine Art degree and worked eight years as a graphic designer. I knew I wanted to become a painter and sell my work, but fear kept me from pursuing it. After a relocation to Wisconsin four years ago, I went for it and am very grateful that I did.

Q: What do people like most about your art?

A: I work to capture a moment in time, each piece of artwork is a labor of love and unique it its own way. Every time I create a painting, I put great thought and detail into it hoping it will speak to someone.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Firefly Art Fair?

A: I am excited to meet people, explore the area and be part of the Firefly Art Fair for the first time! I hope you will stop by and visit!