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"The collections of the Wauwatosa Historical Society shall reflect the history of Wauwatosa from its beginnings to the present. This shall also include materials from Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin as they relate to Wauwatosa’s historical experience. Collections shall be for the benefit of present and future generations of Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, and its visitors." -- WHS Collections Policy

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Collection materials are used for research purposes, exhibit use, and educational programming. They are catalogued and stored in keeping with accepted museum practices, so far as our financial, physical, and human resources permit.

The great diversity of potential donations, combined with limited storage space and a need for proper preservation, means that we must be selective in our acceptance of donations.

All potential donations are subject to review. It is best if you send us an email including:

  • a photo of the item
  • a brief physical description of the item
  • Item's origins and relationship to Wauwatosa


Examples of our collection materials include:

Artifacts (three-dimensional)

  • Personal items (clothing, accessories)
  • Household items (furniture, decorative arts)
  • Community/civic (plaque, political paraphernalia)
  • Military/government (helmet, uniform)
  • Local business items
  • Architectural or building components (cornerstone, decorative trim)
  • Toys, musical instruments, sports items


  • Books
  • Pamphlets
  • Periodicals
  • Published materials
  • Public records

Archival Material (two-dimensional)

  • Letters
  • Photographs
  • Family histories
  • Legal documents
  • Abstract of Title
  • Maps

Every little bit helps our mission.

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